About Intelligent Systems Research Centre

About the Intelligent Systems Research Centre.

The Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) is a major research unit within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment at Ulster University's Magee campus.

The ISRC is dedicated to the creation of intelligent computational systems taking inspiration from, and learning from, biology and neuroscience.

The work of the Centre is directed at achieving a greater understanding of biological signal processing and the translation of critical aspects of that knowledge into computational systems that can perform in a way that humans would consider "intelligent".

Working with industry

Since its inception, it has been a cornerstone of the ISRC mission to be industry relevant and to be a strong driver for economic growth. We have a proud history of engagement with local, national and international companies, whether it be in the provision of technical expertise or in the commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

ISRC is committed to stimulating innovation and growth by assisting companies to overcome technological challenges. We have a wealth of experience, a proven track record and a partnership approach to working with them to grow their business.

We also have a growing patent portfolio and a broad range of innovative projects with varying degrees of Intellectual Property opportunities.


At ISRC we are fortunate to house the Northern Ireland Functional Brain Mapping Facility (NIFBM). The NIFBM is the only brain imaging system anywhere in Ireland and only one of nine in the whole of the UK to use the recently developed brain imaging modality, Magnetoencephalography (MEG), to measure brain activity. This is one out of only 170 active MEG labs worldwide.

This facility is a joint investment of £5.3M from Invest Northern Ireland (INI) and Ulster University, and is located at Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) on Magee campus. It is equipped with the latest whole head 306 channels Elekta Neuromag MEG TRIUX system.

This unique infrastructure is available for clinicians and researchers from inside and outside of Ulster University. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in visiting or accessing the NIFBM facilities and support.