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Ulster University has co-hosted a heat pump Knowledge X-Change and networking event with the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, at which Economy Minister Conor Murphy said investment in the local heat pump sector will both drive the net zero agenda and generate economic prosperity.

Attended by over 120 delegates from SMEs, entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers, the event was designed to capture feedback on the opportunities and barriers facing the industry, to ultimately help inform a future scale-up cluster in Northern Ireland.

Hosted at Ulster University Belfast on Thursday 20 June, the conference was an opportunity to highlight the research and innovation undertaken at the University’s Centre for Sustainable Technologies, which works to design new and alternative sustainable renewable energy, building design, construction materials, transport and environmental modification technologies.

Speaking at the event, Economy Minister Conor Murphy said:

“The global heat pump sector is worth £60billion and supports 1.3million jobs. By developing and investing in the local sector and securing even a small proportion of this vast global market, we can deliver significant economic prosperity for the region. The heat pump sector here is beginning to flourish. By leveraging its strengths in innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing, alongside capitalising on our unique dual-market access, it is delivering low and zero carbon solutions that are in global demand.

"In order to fully capitalise on the opportunity, all-island collaboration is key. By continuing to work in partnership across industry, Government and academia, we have the potential to make the north a centre of excellence in the heat pump industry.”

Welcoming the Economy Minister and delegates to Ulster University Belfast, Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Bartholomew said:

“It is fantastic to be able to announce the successful development of our new 200°C high-temperature heat pump prototype, a groundbreaking advancement for industrial processes. This innovative technology represents a significant step towards more sustainable and efficient industrial energy solutions. Our researchers and engineers have demonstrated exceptional expertise and commitment to addressing critical challenges in energy management.

"This prototype not only showcases our university’s leadership in cutting-edge research but also our dedication to fostering innovations that contribute to global sustainability efforts. We look forward to seeing the profound impact this technology will have on industries and our environment.”