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Ulster University is excited to be partnering with the NI Science Festival again this year to host an eclectic mix of experiential events to let your mind wonder.

Boasting a packed programme of more than 200 events from 16-26 February 2023, the festival is encouraging attendees to celebrate: ’The Science of You, The Universe and Everything in between’.

A wide range of workshops, tours, talks and interactive activities suitable for people of all ages will take place during the day, while in the evening scientific debates, talks, comedy, music, film, and much more, are set to take place.

Ulster University events include:

  • How clean is your phone? - 17 February (Belfast campus)

Discover what germs your phone is harbouring by wiping it with a simple swab. This interactive workshop will let you test just how clean (or not!) your phone is - the results may surprise you.

  • Underwater Robots – 18 February (Portrush Yacht Club)

An opportunity to experience the marine science expertise and facilities, including the new Laconia. Watch a live stream as Ulster University’s research team in Portrush conduct a remotely-operated vehicle dive and discover some of the hidden wonders of the underwater world.

  • The Science Behind Curling: Throwing rocks at houses – 18 February (W5 Belfast)

This interactive event is set to showcase the science and story of curling. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet representatives from the All-Ireland National Curling Team and give the spectacular sport a go.

  • Carbon and Costs – what might we be able to do to our homes - 20 February (Belfast campus)

Learn about the challenges of fuel poverty and decarbonisation in the home, and investigate how addressing one of these issues can benefit the other.

  • Can you test how fit your brain is? Using virtual reality in sports-related concussion – 22 February (W5 Belfast)

Hosted by Ulster University, this event offers you the chance to check your own brain fitness in four key areas related to elite sport through a series of virtual reality (VR) tests. These include challenging your balance, decision making, hand-eye coordination and memory. Compare your score to the Belfast Giants squad with technology developed to check players’ brain fitness after a head injury and/or concussion.

  • Brian Butterworth – Can fish count? - 22 February (Belfast campus)

You might know that primates have a knack with numbers, but what about frogs, bees or lions? Do they understand maths and if so, how? What’s more, where does this knowledge come from?

Come along to find out as Ulster University’s Professor Victoria Simms joins cognitive psychologist Professor Brian Butterworth as he discusses his latest book, ‘Can Fish Count?’

  • Brain in a Box - Make a brain, put it in a box, and take it home – 23 February (Belfast campus School of Art)

Make visual the inner world of the body with this child and family friendly event. Through discussion about the brain, and by making a 3D paper model, participants will gain an understanding of the role and function of the brain and its relation to the body.

  • Walk With Me – 24 February (Belfast campus)

Hear about the research currently underway at Ulster University to promote physical activity in older adults through walking. Project staff will demonstrate how blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) are measured, as well as giving demos of tests for muscular strength, endurance and balance.

  • SIREN23 event – 25 February - (The Playhouse, Derry-Londonderry and Belfast Campus)

Join us at the SIREN23 as we bring together a range of inspirational speakers, traders and environmental organisations to share ideas and practical solutions on everything from conservation to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle in Derry-Londonderry and Belfast.

Featuring a range of workshops, speakers and talks - covering everything from eco-art and sustainable fashion, to author events and exhibitions - there'll also be special film screenings and much more. Suitable for all ages, SIREN 23 is a drop in event.

SIREN23 | NI Science Festival

Tim Brundle, Director of Research and Impact at Ulster University, commented:

“We are proud to partner with the NI Science Festival once again to host a wide range of stimulating events focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Ulster University academics are delighted to be involved in the programme once again alongside other prominent scientists, thought-leading academics, and notable broadcasters from Northern Ireland and beyond. I would like to invite you to bring your curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm, and enjoy participating in these festival events!”

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For more information and to book these events, visit Science Festival