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It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of former Ulster University Vice-Chancellor Lord Trevor Smith at the age of 83.

Lord Smith was Vice-Chancellor of Ulster University from 1991-1999. On his departure from the University, he left an important legacy in the promotion of equality and reconciliation across Northern Ireland and of supporting people from all backgrounds to access higher education.

During his tenure at Ulster University, Lord Smith established INCORE, the International Centre for Conflict Resolution. This globally recognised centre has grown from strength to strength, driving forward interdisciplinary research and teaching, uncovering and explaining the causes and consequences of conflict.

Colleagues remember fondly his ability to inspire both with words and through leading by example, to challenge where it was needed and to strive to improve the lives of students, staff and the wider community through the work of higher education.

A renowned politician and academic, Lord Smith continued to be an important influence for colleagues in his work with the Political Studies Association and an important voice for higher education in the House of Lords.

He will be very much missed and we will remain grateful for his contribution to our University.