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Ulster University is one of a number of partners who have worked collaboratively to produce Psychlorama, a 360° audio-visual production made for dome projection.

It will be screened on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th June in a projection dome installed in the NWRC Foyle Theatre in Derry-Londonderry.

This project involves Ulster University working alongside the North West Regional College, Queen’s University Belfast, Celtronic and Movin Music Academy, and it is the first production of its kind made in Northern Ireland.

The Background to the Project:

In 2019, as part of a Connected NI-supported field trip, two NWRC Lecturers attended the Mira AV festival in Barcelona and visited a projection dome for the first time, seeing a number of short 360° AV productions.

On return, contact was made with both Ulster University and Queen’s University Belfast to discuss the possibility of working together, through Connected NI, to produce a Psychlorama that would expand the skills and knowledge of all involved, and also offer an innovative and exciting production for an audience.

The Production:

Two years later, after knowledge gathering and exchanging of ideas (the team were also fortunate to receive expert guidance and support from Immersive Theatres and the National Space Centre), Psychlorama has emerged: a 30-minute, four-part experimental piece incorporating hugely inventive and original visuals and electronic music.


Psychlorama will be screened at the NWRC Foyle Theatre (Projection Dome), Strand Road, Derry-Londonderry, on Thursday 24th June and Friday 25th June.

Screenings will be held every hour with a max of 10 people per screening.

The Team:

Produced by Tony Talbot; Visuals by James McGarrigle and Jonny Delaney; Audio by Rory Donaghy, Johnny Delaney. With contributions from Aaron Thomas, as well as Ulster University staff Alan Hook and Vincent O’Callaghan.

Alan Hook, Associate Head of the School of Communication and Media, said:

“Working on a Connected project has been really valuable to build stronger connections with Further Education and business partners. The project was a chance to really push some of the creative boundaries, and work outside of the usual frameworks that we operate in.

“We have worked with the various partners and drawn in expertise from Immersive Theatres, The National Space Centre Creative team and Dome Club Ltd to help build some best practice workflows. This has created engaging, experimental and innovative work that we’re all really excited to see projected in the dome for the first time on the 24th and 25th of June.”

Tony Talbot, Northwest Regional College, commented:

“This is a unique and sensational production that brings the latest full dome 360˚ projection technology to the Northwest and gives audiences a whole new audio-visual experience that I believe will truly amaze.”

Mario Di Maggio Director of Immersive Theatres, added:

“I love the wonderful blend of CGI and real-world footage and the music is excellent. I can’t wait to see this in a dome!”

While this performance is fully booked (due to COVID restrictions only 10 people per session are allowed), it is hoped to bring the project to Armagh Planetarium later in the year.