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Professor Joan Condell from the School of Computing, Engineering, and Intelligent Systems (SCEIS) is leading an Ulster University collaboration TESTED with the NHS Highlands focusing on non-clinical IoT applications, testing their potential within the NHS, and comparing them across 3 European regions.  This project focuses on the innovation opportunities offered to healthcare providers and other public bodies by the provision and implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and strategy.  Catherine McHugh is managing the project in Ulster University.

In healthcare across the world, while the IoT can clearly support clinical and patient focussed aspects including diagnostics, treatment, management, and aftercare, the 'hidden' aspects of healthcare provision are often less considered. In non-clinical applications, for example, water management, health and safety, energy use, waste management, estate management, medical equipment asset and inventory and many other such areas, there are substantial opportunities for businesses, government agencies, academics, and the healthcare providers themselves to develop efficient and effective IoT solutions.

Professor Condell said

"This study seeks to map current IoT infrastructure and its usage within Northern Europe as it establishes a comparative baseline.  We are reviewing stakeholder opinions and identifying best practice across Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Sweden. The TESTED project will conclude in 2022 with a common flexible IoT strategy which will enable each region to support non-clinical IoT testbeds alongside a process whereby which these testbeds can be evaluated."

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