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Phoebe Carson, graduates from Ulster University this summer, with a BSc Hons in Consumer Management and Food Innovation.

Phoebe’s final year at university has looked a little different than the previous years, with the launch of her business ‘Cakes by Pheebs’ in November 2020.

Baking has always been an integral part of Phoebe’s life, starting to bake from the age of four with her grandmother.

Phoebe commented:

“Baking has always been a massive part of my life. I have many fond memories of baking with my grandmother during my childhood, she is an amazing baker and she ignited my passion for baking!

“When I was 14 I made my first proper cake, and from then I knew that baking is what I wanted to do. I would bake cakes for my friends’ birthdays and any other celebrations and would always get involved in baking for school fundraisers and charity events.”

Always eager for more experience with baking, Phoebe, who worked as a waitress in a restaurant while she was at high school, jumped at the offer to take on some extra work and help with preparing desserts.

In her final year At Ulster University, Phoebe decided to turn her dreams to reality, and launched her business. With postal bakes being the most popular, Phoebe found herself selling tray bakes to customers all across the UK. Phoebe also sells cakes, tray bakes, cupcakes etc., and has recently started supplying a local business with her bakes.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own business so I decided to take the plunge in my final year of university. I thought why not try to make an income from doing what I love. It’s been a great experience, and my degree in Consumer Management and Food Innovation has taught me everything I need to know about how to run my own business and has provided me with invaluable knowledge.”

Phoebe’s talents have been recognised on a wider scale, with a mention in a BBC Good Food article ‘The best brownie and cookie deliveries tried and tasted’.

Speaking about what’s next after graduation, Phoebe said:

“I would love to be able to open my own cake boutique one day, which is a major goal of mine! For now, I am going to continue with my baking business and see where it takes me. I’ve had some new opportunities recently such as supplying a local business with my bakes, which is so exciting!”