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Professor Joan Condell from the School of Computing, Engineering, and Intelligent Systems (SCEIS) is leading a team compiling an EU Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) report on technology solutions during COVID.

The report (TechSolns) is part of a funded programme of work in Ulster looking at the consequences of COVID-19, and the lockdown that ensued; how it is (and will continue to be) significant for the NPA area and beyond.

The NPA COVID-19 Response Umbrella Project (CoRe) is developing and utilising an NPA Covid-19 Response Group to support a range of thematic projects (Clinical aspects, Health and well being, Technology solutions, Citizen engagement, Economic impacts and any Emerging themes).  Professor Condell is leading the technology theme within this COVID-19 Response Project and is closely involved in the other thematic projects.  The Ulster team also includes Mr James Gillespie, Dr William Duffy, and Mr James Cole (SCEIS). Partners from Sweden, Finland and Norway are working alongside the Ulster team to collect technology success stories across all the NPA jurisdictions.

There has been an upsurge in use of technology solutions across the NPA, solutions that have been attempting to reduce effects of COVID-19.  These include attempting to reduce demand for other services, protection of vulnerable people (apps for wellbeing), using technology for test/trace of cases and technology to enable social distancing. TechSolns will gather information, make recommendations and assess how technology solutions have been put in place during lockdown and how they have been brought to population groups who need it/may not know how to use it.  Technology best practice is studied; technology innovation with low threshold which could be (or has been) fast tracked for future waves/pandemics. This knowledge gathering and the subsequent EU report will help form coherent responses to COVID-19, ensure NPA is prepared and provide lessons for the next NPA programme.

Prof Condell said

The TechSolns COVID-19 Response project draws on the successful experience and expertise of companies across the whole NPA region.  Each partner institution is collating specialist knowledge and expertise on how technology was created, adapted, and used during the pandemic in their regions; and learning from the expertise of other regions. Furthermore, the CoRe project brings together representation from all NPA partner countries, raising awareness of the thematic work being carried out and creating a packaged output of COVID-19 knowledge. Specifically, our Ulster team is excited to be leading the technology knowledge and experience gathering across this important project. “

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