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Jyotsna Talreja Wassan graduates with a PhD in Computer Science from Ulster University. Jyotsna balanced life as a single mother with her studies, looking after her two-year-old son whilst completing her PhD.

During her time at Ulster, Jyotsna’s research was published 12 times in reputable conferences and journals. Speaking about her experience studying at Ulster University, Jyotsna said:

“I chose Ulster because of the extraordinary support they give to international students with scholarships and top-quality research, alongside the essential skills they provide students with. During my journey, I received immeasurable support from the Doctoral College and my supervisors and made great friends who were always there for me if I needed help.”

Jyotsna’s research focused on microbiomes in human health, a topic extremely relevant today as the corona viral genome spreads across the globe.

“My research aimed at developing efficient computational models for analysing quantitative microbial genes by integrating knowledge on their inter-relationships from the phylogenetic tree of microbial life. As a part of my thesis, the relationships and structure of microbes were linked to functional profiles using heuristics. With this aim, I designed computational models providing solutions in an efficient, sustainable & usable manner. I was attracted to the fact that even the human body contains more microbial genes than its own genes, which are responsible for various diseases and states in humans.”

After completing her PhD Jyotsna returned to India where she is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Maitreyi College- University of Delhi where she has been appointed Head of the Department of Computer Science for the academic year 2020-21.

Discussing future plans, Jyotsna said:

“I want to pursue research related to Coronavirus and I am looking for potential collaborations- I would love to explore opportunities with Ulster University.”