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Ulster University student Courtney Gallagher graduates with a first-class honours degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with a Distinction in Diploma of Professional Practice.

After four years studying at Ulster’s Magee campus, including a placement year in industry, Courtney has decided to continue her studies with a PhD focusing on computer modelling of phase change in monotectic metal alloys.

Courtney has always enjoyed maths and science, particularly physics and finding out how things work so Engineering was the obvious choice for her degree,

“I enjoy the opportunities to bring your ideas to life through engineering. I chose to study at Ulster University’s Magee campus because of the opportunities for hands on work and smaller class sizes compared to other universities as well as proximity to home.”

Throughout her course Courtney participated in plenty of extra-curricular activities that allowed her to put her engineering knowledge into practice including Robot Wars, Formula 24+ and the Human Powered Vehicle Project.

The placement year was another opportunity for Courtney to hone her newly acquired skills. She managed a major project to improve the cycle time of one of the packaging lines. The project was highly successful and as a result, she received an award from the senior management team.

Courtney would encourage anyone with an interest in science to study engineering- especially young women,

“Although many see engineering as predominantly male, more and more females are now entering the field and proving to be very successful. There are many different pathways encompassed in engineering from the design and artistic aspects to the technical maths and science with many overlaps between these, providing many opportunities to identify where your interests lie.”

She continued,

“I can honestly say choosing to study engineering at Ulster University was the best decision I have ever made. I have thoroughly enjoyed my degree, my experience in industry and everything in between. This is the most important piece of advice I can give, enjoy what you are doing. I look forward to many more years in Engineering.”