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Dr Mark Matthews, a lecturer and course director of MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine at Ulster University, will be presenting research and findings from his recent clinical trial exploring the best management for kneecap pain.

Mark worked alongside colleagues in universities, hospitals and research centres Australia, Denmark and the US to design and undertake the study.

The clinical trial explored the best early management of those with kneecap pain, using foot orthoses (insoles) or exercises targeting the hip muscles.

The trial was set up to examine (i) if those with kneecap pain and greater foot mobility (i.e. a pronated foot) would benefit more with foot orthoses than hip exercises, and (ii) which type of treatment is best for those with kneecap pain. The results of the study could have a direct impact on the way physiotherapists, doctors and other health professionals in the community help those who have kneecap pain.

Mark commented:

“As a physiotherapist, this is what we aim to do, help people get back to doing what they love, be it walking, hiking or running. I am delighted to have the opportunity to discuss my research and findings on an international level, to likeminded people who are interested in health - in particular, sports medicine and knee injuries. The research we undertook has provided us with vital information that will be significant in adapting and deciding how we treat and manage kneecap pain.”

Mark’s webinar will involve an international panel of experts from Australia, Denmark and the UK to discuss the research and clinical implications on how we manage kneecap pain.

The event will be held on Friday 7th August from 8-11am (UTC+1)

The event of free to attend; Register here: