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Dr Aaron McConville, Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at Ulster University has transformed his study into a PPE production line.

Using 3D printers that he has built and assembled at home over the years, Dr McConville is printing protective face shields for frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Originally printing 20 per day, Dr McConville was able to up production to over 100 per day thanks to  donations from the university, friends, family and colleagues and the general public.

With the help of his partner Alice, Aaron has produced over 1000 visors and distributed them to a number of care homes, hospitals and hospices in urgent need of PPE here in Northern Ireland and also in England.

Dr McConville commented:

“The Ulster University community is doing everything it can to support the fight against COVID-19. I wanted to play my part and use my skills and expertise to support our frontline healthcare workers.  

“Protective visors, although simple, are a fundamental piece of PPE that many frontline workers were going without. These crucial items provide protection for the face, helping to prevent infection by blocking droplets of fluid that would otherwise be able to enter via the nose, eyes and mouth.

“I have a number of 3D printers here at home and with the lockdown I’m not going anywhere, so with a global shortage of PPE this was a perfect opportunity to do my bit and help protect those on the frontline.”