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Ulster University is set to launch a new award for schools, entitled the ‘Endeavour Cup’.

The award, which is in its pilot phase will be presented in 30 schools across Northern Ireland, with 11 post-primary schools in North Belfast having committed to inclusion of the Cup for their annual prizegiving events.

The Endeavour Cup is a recognition of schools and their pupils, and will support transformation within communities, as part of the North Belfast Community Benefit Framework.

The award celebrates Ulster University’s integration into the local community following the development of its new University campus in Belfast and seeks to celebrate the individuality of pupils who achieve much more than just a competitive academic edge.

The recipient of the Cup will be chosen by Principals and associated staff, and as the award is not limited to academic achievement, the winning pupil will, throughout the year, have showcased their enthusiasm, excellence and resilience, through; participation in projects, recognition of effort put into a specific piece of work, improved attendance, increased self-esteem and, in certain instances, overcoming a personal obstacle.

Professor Brian Murphy, Director of Access, Digital and Distributed Learning from Ulster University spoke about the launch of the Endeavour Cup:

“The Endeavour Cup strengthens our bond with local schools and pupils, many of whom we hope will go on to study with us one day. And it is symbolic of our commitment to success in education for all. The response from schools, particularly in the North Belfast area, has been fantastic. With 11 set to get involved already, this concept is certainly resonating. As an authentic touch, our staff with personal connections to the schools will be presenting our cups at school prizegiving ceremonies. We wish all participating schools and pupils every success in their educational endeavour.  And we look forward to expanding the reach of the Endeavour Cup as we hear of interest from schools across NI”

The Ulster University Endeavour Cup will be housed as a permanent fixture within participating schools.  This will ensure visibility and presence from Ulster University across the school and parent community and will highlight the partnership and linkage of Ulster University with the school and young aspiring pupils.