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As the business environment changes and presents managers with high levels of uncertainty, the new flexible executive MBA will help to identify and leverage opportunities to shape and grow business across the region.

Managers in the North West who plan to further develop their management and leadership know-how have a new option open to them. From September 2018  Ulster University Business School at Magee will offer a more flexible life-long learning opportunities through the Executive MBA suite of programmes.

Edel Griffin, MBA Course Director, explains:

“We have recently renewed and revised our Executive MBA offering to support business and career development for managers across the North West. We have introduced new offerings which focus on digital transformation and increasing international competitiveness.”

She continued:

“Demand for MBA places has grown with our current participants coming from a diverse range of management backgrounds including manufacturing, health, technology, professional services, business owners and entrepreneurs.  Joining the MBA has opened up new opportunities for managers from across the region to learn with like-minded people who are interested in developing their management and leadership capacity.”

“For busy professionals who may wish to experience the MBA learning community but may not have time to complete the full programme,  we have developed the Mini MBA which offers a much more flexible and user-friendly approach to gaining this prestigious postgraduate qualification.”

The Mini MBA allows participants to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration after completing 4 modules.  The modules are delivered over 3 day blocks and cover core areas including: managing and leading people; economics and finance for business; innovation and marketing.  In addition the programme offers excellent teaching, career progression and networking opportunities supporting the Magee MBA learning community.

Employers can use the Mini MBA option to structure the full MBA into smaller awards, perhaps linked to career progression and further supporting their strategic approaches to talent management and management development.

The Ulster University Business School at Magee is currently accepting applications to both the MBA full-time and the ‘Mini MBA’ programme options which have been designed to provide managers with time out from the day-to-day pressures of running a business to focus on the strategic direction of their business and how they can get there.

Applications are open for a September 2018 start.

To find out more contact Edel Griffin, MBA Course Director, Ulster University Business School Magee campus