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A two-time gold medal winning Irish swimming champion will graduate from Ulster University today with a BSc (Hons) in Management & Leadership Development.

Eorann O’Neill from Crumlin represented the University’s swimming team at Irish Varsities on two occasions, each time winning two gold medals.  As a result, Eorann was able to represent Irish Universities in the Celtic Nations Championships, earning her ‘Full Colours’ award at the Ulster University annual sports dinner.

Eorann’s degree focused on the important aspects of leadership, marketing, finance, human resource management and entrepreneurship, opening the door for her to one day start her own business.

Judith McKnight, Course Director at Ulster University, said:

“Eorann was an extremely dedicated student who worked hard to excel not only in her academic studies but also in her sporting and extracurricular interests.

“Her dedication and effort were regularly noted by many of those who taught her and I am confident that she will do well in whatever career path she chooses to follow.”

Eorann O’Neill said: “I chose the Management and Leadership Development degree as its broad scope and practical experience appealed to me.

“From the very first day I was able to balance my education with swimming.  We were given a three year timetable so I knew exactly when I was able to train and work part time.  I’ve excelled in my swimming career while at University, winning gold medals at Irish Varsities and representing Irish Universities at the Celtic Nations Championships.  I was honoured to receive my ‘Full Colours’ for playing sport at an international level.”

Eorann has a promising sporting career ahead and she is also excited by the opportunities her degree has presented her with.

She said:

“I plan to keep my part time job as a swimming teacher for one more year while I continue to further my sporting career. I want to enjoy the sporting life before securing full time employment. Another option I’m considering is a Masters in Human Resource Management. One of the best things about my course is that it presents me with the opportunity to work in a number of different sectors. I’m still unsure of what sector I want to work in but it’s exciting to be able to have so many options.”