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Ulster University is to recognise and reward the successful industry partnerships and pioneering research that drives graduate employment and economic development across Northern Ireland.

The new Ulster University Impact Excellence Awards, which are sponsored by, will build upon the well-known Placement Employer Awards, recognising the University’s collaborations with placement employers who are nurturing the next generation of highly-skilled, industry-ready graduates.

In addition, the new awards will now have the added dimension of showcasing the positive impact of Ulster University’s research and collaborations with civic society. The awards will celebrate the industry partners, academics and doctoral candidates who are collaborating to deliver globally significant research in areas including social renewal, sustainability, healthy communities and creativity and culture.

Ulster University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paddy Nixon, said: “Ulster University’s Impact Excellence Awards have been designed to recognise the positive impact of our students, and our world-leading research, on societies and economies, both locally and internationally.

“Every full-time undergraduate student will have a work-based learning opportunity as an integral part of their degree. This first-hand experience in the workplace is what makes Ulster University graduates so highly sought after by employers.

“Placement enables our graduates to truly hit the ground running after graduation and I’m proud of the significant impact and contribution that Ulster University alumni continue to have across a wide range of industries and sectors.

“As a research-led university, it is also important to celebrate our research and recognise where it can, and frequently does, change lives. The awards have been further enhanced this year to acknowledge the high-impact knowledge-exchange between Ulster University and key industry sectors from law and engineering, to biomedical sciences and the creative industries. Such collaboration is addressing many global challenges including those across business, healthcare and the environment, and its important impact deserves to be commended.”

Nominations are now open for students, university staff and placement employers to vote for the work placement partners that have made outstanding contributions to the development of Ulster University students. Nominations will close at midnight on Monday 20 February 2017.

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