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Ulster University scientists at the forefront of the global battle against diabetes have created a novel dual-acting drug that can help reverse the elevated body weight and blood glucose levels commonly associated with the disease.

The new dual-acting drug links an existing Type 2 Diabetes medication with a second drug that is known to reduce appetite.

Ulster University's study in diabetic mice showed that a twice daily dose over 21 days significantly lowered body weight as well as improving metabolic control.

Ulster University's Dr Nigel Irwin explained: "When we have a meal the food we eat passes through our stomach and intestines as we slowly absorb the goodness from the food. During this process the body releases a number of important hormones from the intestines that help control appetite and blood glucose regulation. Unfortunately in Type 2 Diabetes this release of hormones does not occur correctly.

"The new drug we have developed at Ulster University aims to correct this problem by mimicking the effects of naturally occurring intestinal hormones. Our studies on mice have shown improvement in body weight and blood glucose.

"Ulster University's new findings offer enormous potential as new and effective treatment options for Type 2 Diabetes. Our research shows clear synergistic benefits through combining the action of two intestine derived hormones into one drug."