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The University of Ulster is leading the way in the teaching and application of crucial legal consultation skills in Northern Ireland.

Two trainee solicitors at the university have just returned from an international event in Puerto Rico, where they demonstrated to a global audience of legal experts, their ability to deal effectively with a range of legal, ethical and client care issues.

The University of Ulster students were the only participants from Northern Ireland shortlisted to take part in the prestigious initiative. Both are currently working in law firms in Belfast and Derry~Londonderry.

Diane Nixon, Acting Director of Ulster’s Graduate School of Professional Legal Education based at the university’s Magee Campus in Derry-Londonderry said: “The ability to effectively, compassionately and confidently interview, advise and counsel clients goes to the very heart of being an excellent solicitor.

“For many years, the University of Ulster has focused on not just producing talented law graduates but on ensuring, through the Graduate School, that they fully develop relevant and useful skills which can immediately be applied in their chosen career.

“As the only local university represented at the Puerto Rico event, these Ulster graduates had a unique and valuable opportunity to share experiences and skills with their peers from different cultures and legal systems. This opportunity will continue to inform and shape their professional careers and benefit the law firms and clients they represent, now and in the future.”

The University of Ulster’s Graduate School of Professional Legal Education is the only provider of professional legal education outside Belfast.

Notes to editors:

The trainee solicitors, Patricia Sweeney-Macbride and Ruairi Muldoon, are working for law firms A&L Goodbody in Belfast and McDermott, McGurk and Partners in Derry respectively. The trip to Puerto Rico to participate in the event was sponsored by The Law Society and A&L Goodbody.