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The University of Ulster will inspire the next generation of Irish speakers by bringing together some of the world’s most celebrated Irish language writers and young people from across Northern Ireland.A-Level students will have the chance to meet highly acclaimed poet Gréagóir Ó Dúill and renowned novelist Seámas Mac Annaidh, at an event taking place tomorrow at the university’s Magee campus.

The writers will give a unique insight into their work, delivering intimate tutorials and exploring the themes and inspiration behind it.

Pupils will have the opportunity to discuss first-hand the poetry and prose currently on their school syllabus, with the respective authors.

It will also give them a flavour of what studying Irish at the University of Ulster would be like and the many career paths that it can open up.

Dr Malachy Ó Néill, Head of the School of Irish Language and Literature, said: “The University of Ulster is reaching out to over 200 young people to encourage them to study Irish at higher education level and help them understand the variety of rewarding careers that it can open up such as media, translation, teaching and academia. This strongly reflects our commitment to supporting schools and communities in the delivery of Irish language programmes.

“With the help of highly respected and talented Irish language writers, the University of Ulster is opening up the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists within the university and is helping these students to achieve excellence in their studies.

“I hope that this event will deepen their passion for Irish and encourage them to progress it at higher educational level.”