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Ulster University researchers have developed ground-breaking video technology that is revolutionising medication management for people with dementia.

The mobile phone-based care model delivers video reminders to guide people with dementia on medication scheduling, administration and dosage. The user-friendly technology allows those living with the disease to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and live more independently.

Reminders can be customised to give a sense of familiarity and positive reinforcement to the patient even when a carer or health professional is not physically present. The innovative technology also acts as a remote patient monitoring system that dramatically reduces the time and costs involved in home-based visits.

The announcement was made today at the International Workconference of Ambient Assisted Living. The major international connected health convention takes place over four days and is being hosted for the first time in the UK by Ulster University.

Speaking at the conference, Professor Chris Nugent from Ulster University’s Computer Science Research Institute said: “There are over44 million people living with dementia worldwide and this figure is estimated to rise to 135 million by 2050. Ulster University is at the forefront of research into assistive technologies that can help make life more manageable for those with living with the disease.

“Medication compliance is vital to the wellbeing of dementia suffers. This technology is the first of its kind that allows patients to take control of their own treatment regime. It has already been adopted by an Italian-based telecare company and is being used to transform dementia care in Italy.”