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University of Ulster biomedical research came under the microscope today when MLAs from two Assembly Committees came together to visit the University’s School of Biomedical Sciences.

MLAs from both the Employment & Learning Committee and the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee were briefed on research into diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, nutritional research, bioimaging and personalised medicine under way at the University.

Professor Richard Barnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ulster said :

”The University of Ulster’s research work in the field of biomedical sciences is focused on finding new therapies and treatments for serious medical conditions , and our research is integral to innovation in healthcare policy and practice, locally and internationally.

“Improving health and well being is one of the key priorities of the NI Executive’s Programme for Government, and the research carried out at the University of Ulster is crucial to delivering that objective.”

Tom Buchanan, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly’s Employment & Learning Committee, said :

“I was enormously impressed by the scientific research work I and my fellow MLAs saw during our visit today.

“I want to commend the University and its research community for the world class work they are carrying out not only in biomedical sciences, but in healthcare, renewable energy , engineering, computing and more.

“In the University of Ulster Northern Ireland has a resource which can stand comparison with anywhere in the world.”