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University of Ulster Honours Top Nursing Students

20 November 2013

Final-year nursing students from the University of Ulster have been presented with their professional awards at a ceremony on the Coleraine campus.

The students from the School of Nursing, undertaking both full-time and part-time Nursing and Midwifery Council approved programmes, attended the celebration which marked both their academic excellence and professional eligibility to practise.

Professor Owen Barr, Head of the School of Nursing, said: “Events like today show the School’s commitment to providing professional leadership through excellence in teaching, research and practice development.

“After their studies, our students will leave the University equipped with robust academic and clinical knowledge. As they embark on their careers, we are confident that as they use their knowledge and practical skills, they will also fully embrace the most fundamental aspect of nursing – caring about people – to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.”

Professor Barr added: “I pay tribute to all those who have supported our students throughout their journey at Ulster. In particular, representatives of the Health and Social Care Trusts and providers from the voluntary and independent sector throughout Northern Ireland who supported their practice learning; the excellent team of staff within the School; and our award sponsors, who, in partnership with the University, do so much to facilitate a positive student learning experience and place the School of Nursing in the top three Schools of Nursing in the UK.”

Sponsored awards were presented to the following students who demonstrated outstanding performance in specific fields:

Princess Macha Award sponsored by Western Health and Social Care Trust:
Jamie-Lee McGriskin

Danske Bank Shield Award:

Bank of Ireland Award:
John Paul McCloskey

Ulster Bank Award:
David Miller

Northern Health & Social Care Trust Award for Best Performance in Year One:
Sandra Laranjeira

Royal College of Nursing Award for Best Performance in Year Two:
Karen Scott

First Choice Recruitment Award for Best Performance in Year Three:
Rebekah Martin

Ann Snee Memorial Prize:
Lesley McKeown

Association of Health Service Managers’ Award:
Pamela Quiery

Donald Dawson Memorial Trust:
David Miller

Western Health and Social Care Trust Management Award:
Ciara Devlin

Margaret Devlin Award for Excellence in Diabetes Care:
Pauline Nesbitt

Professor Robert Bowman Memorial Award for Leadership in Nursing:
Noreen McEntee

Maura Hamill-McKenna Cup:
Ross James Mawhinney

Excellence in Supporting Student Learning in Practice:
Peter Hughes (Mentor)
Karen McCaughan (Yr 2) Nominator

Institute of Nursing and Health Research Mona Grey Award for Excellence in Research:
Carla McClintock

Institute of Nursing and Health Research Mona Grey Postgraduate Nursing Research Award:
Sheena Stothers

The Valerie Morrison Award for Excellence in Nurse Education:
Wendie McQuillan


An image gallery of photographs from the Nursing Awards ceremony can be viewed at: