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Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship for Leading Fire Science Expert

19 December 2013

Leading Fire Science researcher Professor Michael  Delichatsios has been awarded a Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship  from the University of Ulster.

Professor Delichatsios has an extensive research record and an international reputation in fire science and engineering. He is an acknowledged leader in the design of fire safe nano-materials, multi-scale modelling, and life cycle assessment of the sustainability of fire retarded materials. He is the holder of a number of significant research awards which in total amount to more than £5.5 million from Research Councils, European projects and industry.

Professor Delichatsios’s work on fire retardants has impacted upon manufacturing processes and products and is shaping EU regulations regarding the use and replacement of halogenated fire retardants – and with his previous work in industry, this has enabled Professor Delichatsios to bring an applied dimension to his research activity and he has been able to instil this ethos within the FireSERT centre at Ulster.

A strong ambassador in promoting FireSERT internationally, nationally and locally, Professor Delichatsios has been highly instrumental in the development of the centre which is recognised as being in the top 10 global fire engineering centres.

He has frequently been invited to give plenary lectures and he holds positions on the editorial boards of journals such as the International Journal for Fire Science and Technology, has been invited to chair technical committees of major international fire conferences and also participates in the work of ISO and BSI committees.