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Enterprise Accolade For Design Innovator

20 December 2013

The University of Ulster has awarded a Distinguished Enterprise Fellowship to fashion and design innovator Janet Coulter.

Janet, who is Senior Lecturer in Design, joined the University of Ulster in 1999, specialising in technical textiles and industrial fashion design.

She has previously worked in the design industry in Paris, London and Northern Ireland and is also Director of Academic Enterprise in the Faculty of Art, Design & The Built Environment.

During her career at Ulster, Janet has undertaken numerous consultancy projects across Ireland, helping to bring design-led innovation to businesses and social enterprises.

She has worked on a diverse range of knowledge transfer projects within the private sector, helping many to establish new client bases in the Middle East, Far East and Europe.

The breadth of her work spans across the spectrum of industrial design and examples of her work include ergonomically shaped bullet-proof armour for female officers, high-performance, protective sportswear, and rehabilitation products for injured greyhounds.

Combining her commercial and industrial experience with academic activities, she has brought substantial monies into the University and has significantly increased the profile of academic enterprise within her Faculty. This has resulted in enhanced partnerships with external organisations in the public and private sectors.

Her specialist area of research lies in harnessing the power of clothing to enhance well-being and to protect the body, using smart fabrics and wearable technologies. She also has a particular interest in the development of student entrepreneurship and has led a number of initiatives to foster an entrepreneurial mindset for students and stimulate enterprise across the Institution.