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Newington Housing Association Builds on the Future of Ulster Students

31 October 2012

ElevenUniversity of Ulsterhousingmanagement students have each been awarded bursaries of £400 bya north Belfast housing association.

Newington HousingAssociation (NHA) isworking inpartnership with Newington Credit Unionwhich has beenoperating a similarscheme for seven years, involving 10 bursaries of up to400 a year for three years to students in further education.

NHA Operations Manager, Anthony Kerr, said his organisation wasnow in a position to financially support University of Ulster students.

“Wehavebeen aware ofthe benefits of student placements over the past several years andaredelighted that weare able toinvest in the future of young,dedicated housing professionals,” he explained.

“Our aim isto spread these awards over eachfour-yearcourse to help provide a much needed source of funding for all the students involved.”

Ulster Lecturer in Housing Studies, Dr Michaela Keenan said theUniversitywas active in promoting community inclusivity and this was a perfect example of how it achieved this.

“In terms of the BSc (Hons) Housing Management programme we work closely with the housing sector. Within our teaching we address the importance of inclusivity and the need for social housing providers to actively tackle social exclusion” she explained.

“We are, therefore, delighted that Newington Housing Association and Newington Credit Union have extended this bursary opportunity to our student base.

“Thescheme will have a realfinancialimpactonour students and we would like to extend our thanks on behalf of theUniversity and students.”

Mr Kerr said that in order toreceive thebursary each studentwould have tomaintain a Credit Unionaccount throughout their period of study.

He added: “This account shall also help students by providing access to affordable credit during this period of financial uncertainty.”

Caption: Housing Management students pictured with: (far left) Ulster Lecturer in Housing Studies, Dr Michaela Keenan; (fourth left) George Walsh, Newington Housing Association Chair; (third right) Margaret Walsh, Board Member, Newington Credit Union; (far right) Ulster Lecturer in Housing, Peter Shanks

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