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The University of Ulster's Ulster Business School has teamed up with industry partner iON to launch a new programme in digital marketing.

The five-day course entitled “Digital Marketing: Strategy and Execution” has been developed by Professor Mark Durkin, from the Business School, and iON’s Managing Director Niall McKeown.

Professor Durkin explained, “For business there is a real imperative to understand both why and how to use digital solutions appropriately, rather than feeling it is a ‘must-do’.

"For example, all the emphasis in the market has been on the tactical implementation of social media within businesses but the questions around the strategy to be employed through which these tools can be most effective has been neglected. For the first time this advanced programme combines both strategy and tactics – it enables participants to ask the ‘why’ questions as well as the ‘how’ questions.”

The Ulster Business School is committed to developing strong management and leadership skills and the ability to appreciate strategic directions in complex, creative environments. Such skills are vital for managers and entrepreneurs to succeed in the modern world.

The university-accredited programme runs from Monday 25th – Friday 29th June inclusive at the University of Ulster's Belfast campus in York Street and successful participants will be awarded 20 credits towards a university Certificate in Personal and Professional Development.

Mr McKeown, MD of iON, said: “There is a real need for an advanced programme like this, and iON is delighted to be collaborating with the University in an initiative we feel passionate about. Those attending the course will find a supportive and friendly environment where they will quickly learn how to adopt and use the power of digital marketing for their businesses.”


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Contact Lorraine Lavery-Bowen at or Gerard Curry for details on registration.