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The top-rated Institute of Nursing Research at the University of Ulster is showcasing key areas of its work and has harnessed international expertise for a pioneering week-long event at the Jordanstown campus.

The Institute is holding its inaugural annual Research Week, (Monday, April 30 to Friday, May 4) at which academics, students, staff in health and social services and in the private and voluntary sectors will learn at first- hand about the research activity under way at the Institute.

Nine Visiting Professors, each of whom is a well-known researcher or practitioner in their own right, will take part in master classes, seminars and lectures. The various sessions will also provide an opportunity for participants to network as well as keep up to date with developments in international practice.

A Visiting Professor is an honorary appointment, made on the basis of a distinguished record of research or other expertise. The appointee often contributes expertise to course development and/or gives lecturers or workshops to students.

Professor Brendan McCormack, Director of the Institute, said: “I am delighted to be hosting the first Research Week and I hope that it will become an established part of the Nursing Calendar at Ulster.

“Our vision is to be world-leading in research and development and to build on the success that was recorded in the most recent national barometer of academic excellence, the RAE process in 2008, which ranked Nursing at the University of Ulster in the UK premier league. We were in the top three for Nursing in UK universities.

“The launch of our Research Week will strengthen our national and international research base in Nursing and related disciplines. It will create an important dedicated space for researchers and a variety of other key stakeholders to share work, discuss issues of interest, identify research agendas and celebrate achievements.”

The week's sessions will focus on the Institute's five main themes: Managing Chronic Illness; Person-Centred Practice; Maternal, Foetal and Infant Research; Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Attendance is free of charge. A doctoral student conference will also be held on Wednesday, May 2.

Professor McCormack said: “I am particularly delighted that so many of our Visiting Professors will be joining us. As well as leading a number of master classes and seminars, meeting research students and engaging in discussions, they will be formally evaluating our research performance as a part of our ongoing improvement and development agenda.”

Visiting speakers include Professor Mi Ja Kim and Professor Debar Moser from the United States; Prof Val Wilson, Australia; Prof Domhnall MacAuley, editor of the British Medical Journal (Primary Care).

Also taking part in the events will be Professor Ruth Northway, Professor Jan Dewing, Professor Angie Titchen, Professor Soo Downe and Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone. Dr Nicola Armstrong and Dr Janice Bailie, who are programme managers at the Research and Development Office at the Public Health Agency, will also participate.Research Week Programmes and Attendance forms are available at

For further Information, please contact:Mrs Julie Cummins, Research Institute Secretary, Tel: 02870124094