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4 July 2011

Two enterprising Derry students who graduated with 2:1 honours degree in Advertising at the University of Ulster’s summer graduations ceremonies in the Millennium Forum plan to launch their own advertising and promotion agency later this year.

Joe Coyle from The Branch and Ryan Kyle from Templegrove were among the first intake of students to enrol on the BSc Honours degree in Advertising at Magee. As part of their final year coursework for their Entrepreneurship and Innovation module, they sold advertising space to local companies to bring out a ‘what’s on' guide for students. The pocket sized guide proved such a hit with students at Magee that they now plan to make it a regular publication and the first project for their advertising and promotion agency.

“We felt there was a gap for such a guide and, going by the response from advertisers keen to target the student market, they felt there was a gap as well,” said Joe.

“We got some sponsorship from the Students’ Union at Magee and City of Culture and this helped to get us started. So far, the feedback has been really good.”

Joe and Ryan are now working on their next edition of ‘Wats Hapnin?’ which they plan to  bring out in time for the start of the next academic year with lots of useful information for ‘freshers’ coming to study at Magee.

“We’re planning to include a lot more editorial content in the next edition and will balance this with advertising from local businesses. The first guide had 32 pages, the next one had 56 pages so we seem to be moving in the right direction,” said Joe.

Joe Coyle (on left) and Ryan Kyle who graduated with 2:1 degree in Adverstising pictured with course director, Marion Norwood and their pocket sized students 'what's on' guide - 'wats hapnin?'.