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Ulster hosts Irish Times Innovation Cities Roadshow 2011

31 August 2011

Entrepreneurs are to be given an insight into how they can improve their firms’ performance, with two dynamic networking events this month at the University of Ulster.

The University will host two prestigious Irish Times Innovation Cities Roadshow seminars, as part of a series being staged throughout Ireland.

They will be launched this Friday, September 2, when the first breakfast seminar gets underway in the Belfast campus at York Street. A further event will take place at the Magee Campus in Derry on Friday, September 16.

The Belfast session will also mark the official launch of the Irish Times Innovation Awards 2012.

Hosted by the University’s Office of Innovation, the Northern Ireland seminars will delve into leading business issues and offer practical ideas on how to develop performance.

The primary aim is to champion and promote economic and social innovation throughout Ireland via the Roadshows’ business infrastructure, based on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

University of Ulster Director of Innovation, Tim Brundle, is among a high-powered panel of key speakers who will be attending the Belfast event.

He said: “We are delighted to be associated with these events and the launch of the prestigious Innovation Awards 2012 in which the University, through its association with C-TRIC, has enjoyed success in the past.   I’m really looking forward to hearing the presentations from the eminent speakers who have been invited to contribute.” 

Other key speakers in Belfast include Bryan Keating, Managing Partner, CIP Partnership who will discuss the theme ‘Investing in Technologies’; Brian McKimm, Investment Manager, E-Synergy is to talk about ‘Investing in Start-ups’ and Ivan Coulter, Chief Executive Officer, Sigmoid Pharma will deliver his address on the topic of ‘Rewarding Successful Innovation’.

And among those addressing the Magee campus event is University of Ulster Professor of Marketing Research, Stephen Brown, who will talk on the theme ‘Breakneck Branding: Everything You Need To Know In Nine Minutes Or So’.

Each of the seminars should last no longer than 90 minutes, beginning at 7.30am with a light breakfast and networking opportunity.

This will be followed at 8am by a serious of five to ten minute expert presentations on various business-related topics and finishing with a question and answer session involving key speakers.

Further Roadshow events, entitled ‘Breakfast Brain Snacks for Hungry Business Managers’, are planned for Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork.

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