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Foster Completes Athletics Campaign in China

21 August 2011

Amy Foster’s seventh place finish in the 200m final capped off a tremendous campaign for Team Ireland at the World University Games in Shenzhen, China. 

The University of Ulster student earned her rightful place in the final after crossing the finish line in 23.61 seconds in the semi-final earlier in the day. 

The 200m final proved a tough test for Foster who shot out of the blocks to gain an early advantage but she could not match the power of her Jamaican opponent, Annetsha McLaughlin who equalled her personal best of 22.54 seconds.  

Despite not placing in the top three, Foster expressed her delight with the week’s performances. “I am very happy finishing seventh as I ran strong and kept getting better,” said Foster.

“The 200m is definitely my race and this experience has taught me what I want to work on for an Olympic qualification.” 

This was the sprinter’s first appearance in a final at World Championship level and Foster commented on the effort it took to prepare. “I trained hard to prepare for the level that I would see at the Games and I hope that I was able to match it and personally get better.”

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