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Mental Health in Focus at Magee

28 October 2010

Mental health is on the agenda at the University of Ulster this week as a two-day conference is hosted at the Magee campus in Derry.

The Seventh Annual Mental Health Conference, organised by the School of Nursing, will focus on ‘Positive Mental Health and Well-Being: A World of Possibilities.

Marie O’Neill, conference manager and lecturer in mental health nursing at Ulster’s School of Nursing, said:

“In line with the World Health Organizations International ‘World Health Day’ we hope to embrace the theme of ‘positive mental health and well-being’, which is paramount to the life of a person with mental ill health and that of their carers.

“Our aspirations within this conference are to look at the wealth of experience and knowledge that is gained through the exchange of information with our colleagues from a range of authorities. This knowledge is intensified not only within the mental health field but beyond to the wider network of disciplines working within our schools and communities, business and commerce.

“Both statutory and voluntary services actively endorse holistic health and well-being and we wish to give them the platform to share their experiences.  There have been many changes in the work of mental health practitioners and care providers, it is important to consider in line with major mental health reviews the necessary impact our skills and services will have on the future delivery of quality health care.”

The conference will also see the launch of the Professional Framework for Mental Health Nursing DHSSPSNI on Thursday 28 October by Chief Nursing Officer Martin Bradley. There will also be speakers from England addressing infant mental health promotion and service user involvement in Mental Health Research.

All aspects of mental health including emotional health and well-being of children person centred practice for older people , suicide, alcohol dependence ,early interventions and trauma will be on the agenda this week . To complete the conference there will be a performance by the School of Creative Arts at the University of Ulster.

Professor Owen Barr, Head of the School of Nursing said: “The University of Ulster is at the forefront of developing good practice in all aspects of nursing. The Mental Health Conference highlights is one of the most important dates in the calendar in this field as it allows not only practitioners to share knowledge on issues of improvement of care, but also uniquely allows people with mental health problems discuss their viewpoints on the development of the area.”

Positive Mental Health and Well-Being: A World of Possibilities will take place at the University of Ulster, Magee campus from Thursday 28 until Friday 29 October. For further information contact Marie O’Neill at: