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Fire Safety Experts Set to Play Key Role in Abu Dhabi

28 October 2010

University of Ulster fire safety experts could soon be playing a key role in the development of a multi-billion pound expansion plan for Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

Ulster’s world-class Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology Centre, FireSERT, has been selected as an official service provider for the ambitious $6.8 billion project. 

Once completed, the facility will be the second largest airport in the United Arab Emirates and will serve as a major gateway to the UAE capital. 

FireSERT will be competing at the highest level against some of the largest and most powerful fire safety engineering companies in the world to win contracts that form part of the cutting-edge development. 

Professor of Fire Structural Engineering, Ali Nadjai, said: “This achievement is a giant step forward for the FireSERT team at the University of Ulster and is the result of continuous collaboration with key industrial links. 

“Given the speed and severity of the current economic crisis it is vital that organisations who want to remain competitive and excel in a global economy can diversify and stay ahead of the game by learning, adapting and innovating – which is exactly what we at  FireSERT have done.” 

This latest coup for Ulster’s fire safety experts follows a series of successful projects in recent years including a technical review for the Admiral Park Flagship Development in Guernsey and an intensive investigation of new fire safety techniques being used during the construction of the Dubai International City project that give people more time to escape from burning buildings.   

“I believe that the outstanding success of the Dubai partnership contributed greatly to FireSERT’s achievement in securing the Abu Dhabi project,” said Professor Nadjai.  

“I must also pay tribute to the work of Dr Ahmed Allam, a Visiting Professor with FireSERT, who has helped forge invaluable links between the University of Ulster and the Supervision Committee for the Expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport (SCADIA). 

“In collaboration with Dr Allam – who is acting as an active representative in the Middle East - we will tender for projects which focus on the fire safety of building works such as retail and residential opportunities including new hotels.”