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Ulster Students' Union Launches Online Voting

23 March 2010

The University of Ulster Students’ Union elections are taking place online this week for the first time.

The Union is run by nine full-time sabbatical officers who are elected annually by their fellow students. 

Posts include Overall President, Sports President, Site Vice President at each campus and Education and Welfare Officers.

Ulster students can vote for their preferred sabbatical candidates until 5pm on Wednesday 24 March via the student portal at:

The Sports President election is still a paper election. To vote for the Sports President students must have a student card and a Sports Union membership card to cast a vote at a polling booth on any campus from 22 - 24 March from 10am-3pm.

Student Representation Coordinator, Avril Honan, is urging all students to take part in the election process this year.  

She said: “It is extremely important for all students to vote. These candidates will become the student representatives next year so you should have an input. Choose the candidate you believe will best represent you and your interests. You can read each candidate’s manifesto if you click on their photo before you vote on the portal, or you can see their manifestos posted around campuses. Don’t leave your future to chance. Vote now.”