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The health and wellbeing of children will be in focus at the University of Ulster’s Coleraine campus this week.

CHILD day, which will take place on Friday 26 March 2010, is a one-day event highlighting a range of projects being undertaken by Ulster in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations to promote child health.

Hosted by the Child Health Initiatives for Life Development (CHILD), based in the School of Psychology, the event will celebrate childhood and highlight the work being undertaken in Northern Ireland to improve opportunities for children.

Young carers, children with low self esteem and developmental disability are just a few of the issues on the agenda.

Dr Tony Cassidy, Director of CHILD and lecturer in Psychology at Ulster, said: “Children’s rights to good health, well being, education and play are enshrined in UN conventions which are signed up to by all member governments but there is still a great deal to be done to ensure that these rights are delivered.

“Across Northern Ireland there are many dedicated people working very hard to ensure that children are happy, healthy and allowed to thrive. Their work is often invisible and unsung. This event provides a starting point for raising awareness and promoting this valuable work.

“We need to convince decision makers to support this work more effectively since it is not just invaluable, but an absolute necessity if we are to seriously tackle the health issues and inequalities that are the subject matter of everyday concerns.”

CHILD day will take place at 10am on Friday 26 March 2010 at the University of Ulster’s Coleraine campus. For further information please email: or telephone: 028 70324418.