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Streaming First For Ulster Professor

2 March 2010

New ground will be broken at the Magee campus this week when Professor Paul Moore’s inaugural professorial lecture is streamed live on the School of Creative Arts homepage – a first for a University of Ulster academic.

Speaking to the invited audience ‘in situ’ and a potential global audience, Professor Moore’s professorial - ‘We Have No Earlids: Sound Technology and Auditory Culture’ - will argue for a major re-evaluation of the importance of sound in framing meaning and cultural identity.

According to Professor Moore, who is Chair of Creative Technologies, sound is all around us ­–  yet it is the forgotten medium of contemporary academic study. He says the subservience of sound to the visual is even more surprising with all the affordable and accessible digital creative technologies in the new media environment.

In his lecture he will use a range of sound recordings and samples to show how technology has opened up new possibilities for the re-imagining of the ways in which sound can be used to make and represent meaning.

"Much of the terminology now associated with so-called new media can be directly linked to the birth of sound studies and sound technology. Take a list of the terms most often associated with the digital space. Immersion / interactivity / cyberspace / telepresence / virtuality. Each has its birth in the invention of the telephone, the phonograph and the radio," he said.

Professor Moore’s professorial “We Have No Earlids: Sound, Technology and Auditory Culture", takes place today Wednesday March 3 in Lecture Theatre MD108, Magee campus at 6.30 pm.

Catch the live stream at