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Some of the world’s top nutritionists are gathering at the University of Ulster today for the Nutrition Society’s Irish Section conference.

The experts will examine issues ranging from food versus exercise, gut health, and how best to deliver messages about nutrition, at the three-day symposium from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 June.

Ulster’s Coleraine campus is playing host to the convention, which will see speakers from across the island share their expertise with delegates from across Europe and the United States.

Dr Alison Gallagher, Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and local organiser said: “The University is delighted to be hosting such a distinguished gathering of international nutritionists at the Nutrition Society’s national conference.

“The University of Ulster has an outstanding international reputation for nutrition research and our Biomedical Sciences Research Institute is committed and dedicated to furthering academic and applied study in this area.”

International speakers, Professor Jeanne Goldberg, Tufts University Boston and Prof Judy Buttriss, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation will present on the role of media in the translation of key nutrition and health messages to the public. 

Among the experts from University of Ulster, Dr Julie Wallace will speak on the dietary requirements of vitamin D and Dr Pamela Magee will discuss the health benefits of equol production, which is an estrogen developed in the intestine.

Other topical areas covered include a presentation by  Professor John Blundell from the University of Leeds entitled ‘does exercise make you fat?’, as well as Dr Carole Lowis from Food and Health Communications examining how best to pass on the message of a balanced diet.