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Step-Up Engaging Young Minds

23 June 2010

Four pupils from St. Patrick’s Primary School in Londonderry won a trip for their entire class to carry out a rocky shore study at Greencastle, Co. Donegal when they scooped first prize in the “Engaging Young Minds” competition organised by the University of Ulster's Step-Up initiative.

In the competition, primary 7 pupils produced poster presentations focused on the theme of “Science in our Environment.”

The trip was facilitated by the Magilligan field Centre and pupils had the opportunity to explore the different types of sea creatures that live within our waters.

St Patrick's teacher Mrs. Quinn said “This is the first time our pupils have been given an opportunity to explore the sea and they have been very excited this week.

"It’s a fantastic opportunity for the children to work together as a team while also learning something new and interesting.”

Step-Up “Engaging Young Minds” is an innovative primary school programme at the University Of Ulster, which aims to encourage primary school pupils to engage meaningfully in STEM related subjects and to develop career paths in these areas.