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Prestigious Appointment For Magee Business Academic

10 August 2010

Professor Dolores O’Reilly has been as appointed as an independent member of the Board of the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP).

She will also chair the the Department's Audit and Risk Committee.

Her role as head of the Magee-based Department of International Business – part of the Ulster Business School –  has given her extensive experience of corporate governance, financial management and risk management.  

Professor O’Reilly also led the course planning team for the creation of the highly innovative MSc in Innovation Management in the Public Service offered by the University of Ulster.

 "This is an enormously challenging time for the public sector. Financial pressures and the need to respond rapidly and effectively to changing priorities will dominate the public sector agenda for the foreseeable future, and I'm looking forward to bringing the expertise gathered in my academic career and my extensive experience of working with public and private sector organisations  to bear on the issues confronting this important department of government.”

The primary role of the Independent Board Member is to contribute to the good governance of the organisation, the DFP said in its official media statement on the appointment.

Independent Board Members will offer constructive challenge across the organisation’s business, with a view to ensuring that all aspects of strategy and delivery of policy are scrutinised for effectiveness and efficiency.

Professor O'Reilly is a former non-Executive Director of Independent News and Media.

Her DFP appointment are for an initial three year term and takes effect from 1 September 2010.

The DFP media release can be seen at: