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Midwifery Under The Spotlight At Ulster

31 August 2010

World experts in midwifery, obstetrics, epidemiology and information technology are coming to the University of Ulster this week to examine some of the biggest issues in childbirth at the First Global Research Conference of the Doctoral Midwifery Research Society.

Over 130 world-renowned delegates will visit Ulster’s Jordanstown campus for the three-day conference from 1-3 September.

Ulster Professor of midwifery research and President of the Doctoral Midwifery Research Society (DMRS) Marlene Sinclair said that the conference represents a significant step forward for the discussions on childbirth and opens the possibilities for experts in the field from throughout the world to share their knowledge:

“As midwifery research and practice continues to change at a rapid pace, the DMRS network has also continued to grow with a flourishing membership that includes midwives, doctors, allied health professionals and members of consumer groups.

“We believe this investment in midwifery research will continue to provide value for money and lead to high-impact research.”

The symposium comes to the University in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives and will cover topics from technology and childbirth, midwifery theory, information technology, medical device appraisal, and safe motherhood.

Professor Sinclair, who is part of Ulster’s Institute of Nursing Research and School of Nursing, said: “At the University of Ulster we are committed to providing leading research in to the development of midwifery. The application of research is at the forefront of advancement in the care of the mother and child before, during and after birth, and examining the role the midwife plays and services they can offer are central to our explorations of an improved service.”

The DMRS was established in 2007 to provide quality research support to doctoral and post doctoral midwife and childbirth, or related, researchers locally, nationally and internationally.

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