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Society is plagued with unhelpful and extreme stereotypes of leadership, from the myth that men make better leaders or that there is a masculine or feminine style of leadership. This not only disadvantages women but also men, creating unrealistic expectations.

In this session, Professor Karise Hutchinson and Professor Pragya Agarwal examine the latest science in neuroscience and emotions to challenge and disrupt some of the myths around leadership, as well as look at the way women leaders have been represented in film and television. Come along and look at how we can create a new model of leadership that works for everyone, one that goes beyond power suits and mantras such as 'you can have it all'.

Come along and be part of the conversation and leave with one or two practical tool to put the science into action!

This event is part of the NI Science Festival


Crescent Arts Centre,
2-4 University Road,

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Saturday 17 February

6pm to 7pm

Crescent Arts Centre

NI Science Festival