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Lough Neagh, a vital freshwater resource, is facing an unprecedented challenge. To address this critical environmental concern, we have brought together scientists and local professionals who will share their knowledge, research findings, and potential solutions, and who will delve into the intricate science behind the alarming proliferation of blue-green algae in one of Northern Ireland's most significant water bodies.

Take this chance to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the Lough Neagh blue-green algae crisis. Together, we can explore solutions and work towards safeguarding this precious natural resource.

This event is part of the NI Science Festival


Seamus Heaney HomePlace,
45 Main St,
Magherafelt BT45 8HT

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This event has ended

Thursday 22 February

7.30pm to 9pm

Seamus Heaney HomePlace

NI Science Festival