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Develop your very own walking poem on this journey through galleries, street art and iconic entryways.

As you pick up the pace, collect words that make an impression on you, transforming them into your own walking poem. A group collective poem will also be produced and performed as a spoken word conclusion to the event. We encourage photography and field recordings of soundscapes to map a collective journey throughout this portable writer’s studio.

This is an opportunity for families to come together in the shared pursuit of discovering their locality through the art of walking and creative writing. Prompts for writing about places experienced along the way will be shared. We will also discuss the art of the every day and the extraordinary in the ordinary. This is not a history tour, it is a meander through the streets of the Cathedral Quarter at a slow pace to encourage observation, conversation and response art through writing, photography and recording soundscapes. Each participant will become a walking artist who discovers significance in the world around them.

The event is aimed at families but anyone can attend.

The walking tour will depart promptly from Ulster University Belfast.  Please meet at the reception desk in the Birley Building.

Event leads

  • Dr Pamela Whitaker, Ulster University
  • Tim McCarthy, Urban Arts NI

Event info

This event has ended

Saturday 11 November

11.15am to 1pm

Birley Building, Reception Desk