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Are you a current Ulster University student from a family business background?

If so, we are passionate about raising up and supporting the next generation of business leaders in the family enterprise space and we would love to connect with you!

With that in mind we are launching a NXT-GEN Network in Ulster University with a Pizza lunch.

At the event, we will outline our plans for the network, connect you with students from other courses who have similar experience of being part of a business family.

We will also hear from past graduates of UU and current Next-Gen leaders:

Bridgene Keeley – Marketing Director, McKeever Hotels,
Cara Macklin - Director of the Macklin Group
Daniela Morelli-Kerr – Sales and Marketing Director, Morelli’s Ice Cream

Event info

This event has ended

Wednesday 10 April

12.15pm to 2.15pm

BC-Level 6 Mezzanine

Photography and Video at event