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We welcome you to this public event & reception where three short keynotes will be followed by an open discussion and Q&A session focused on "Ireland towards the net zero challenge".

The panel chaired by Louise Cullen (BBC Environment Correspondent) will discuss the current and future challenges, green polices, and sustainable solutions to ensure an environmental protection – energy generation balance. For this, Professor Neil Hewitt (Ulster University), an expert on net zero energy systems, Professor Jane Stout (Trinity College Dublin), a prominent voice for biodiversity and its value, and Professor John Barry (Queens University Belfast) expert on green politics and the political economy of sustainability, will share their visions in this area.

The broad audience will have the opportunity to raise their questions to this panel and promote interactive discussions about the future of sustainable Ireland, its biodiversity and energy demands. Everyone is welcome stay for some refreshments at a reception following the talk from 8pm-9pm.

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This event has ended

Monday 20 June

7pm to 9pm

Conor Lecture Theatre