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Forensic entomology utilises insects and other arthropods as evidence in both legal and civil investigations. It is best known for its use in death investigations (medico-legal forensic entomology) where a forensic entomologist can play a valuable role in providing essential information concerning the conditions surrounding a victim’s death, including: the season and location of death, the possible involvement of chemicals or drugs in death, sites of ante-mortem trauma to the body, whether the body was relocated or stored after death and can even identify a suspect or link them to a crime scene.

Most importantly, a forensic entomologist can use the developmental times of insects found on or near a body/crime scene to determine the post-mortem interval (PMI), thereby estimating the time elapsed since death occurred, a critical step in death investigation especially when routine forensic pathological techniques are not functional, specifically 72 hours after death or due the stage of decomposition. In this presentation the audience will follow a forensic entomologist through their involvement on a death scene and their contribution to establishing facts around the events and time of death. A number of actual cases will also be discussed.

This event is suitable for ages 14+

This event is part of the NI Science Festival

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Wednesday 21 February

2pm to 3pm

NI Science Festival