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IT Facilities in Laboratories and Libraries

Digital Services is responsible for the management of over 1600 centrally supported PC systems in Laboratory, Library Open Access Areas and Teaching Rooms across all University campuses.

A laboratory, if closed for security reasons, can be opened by security staff on production of a valid Student ID card.

A letter from the student's lecturer requesting the use of the facilities gives added assurance that access will be granted.

Each lab has a set of core applications installed, some have additional software listed as Faculty software.

Additionally the University library service offers a laptop lending service at all campuses.

For further information regarding the facilities and software profiles in each lab across campuses, please select the appropriate link below:

Booking IT Laboratories

Any member of staff who wishes to book a student PC laboratory should book the space through timetabling link accessible through the Portal.

Note: It is the responsibility of the person intending to book a student lab to check that any specific software that is required is installed.

Logging into the System

Only students, staff, visitors and associates with a current University account and password can gain entry to the University's online computers.

New students receive their account details after enrolment. This information is also available from Banner - Student Information System via the Portal. Note: Fees must be paid up-to date, otherwise you risk having access to various IT and library services disabled.

Computers in Digital Services supported IT laboratories and Libraries have an initial login screen. You must enter your Student Email Address and network password to proceed.

If you forget your password, visit the Self-Service Password reset service page for more information and steps on how to complete a password reset.

Alternatively, if you are on campus, you can use the Password Kiosk to obtain a new password.

Advice on Saving Data

There is no local storage on student workstations.

After you log out, no user files will be stored and will not be recoverable.

You must use your OneDrive cloud storage or an external USB device.

  • Do not save personal data permanently to the local computer as user profiles on computers and personal data content are removed according to a daily management schedule.
  • Save your work to OneDrive in Office 365 and/or your own USB storage device.
  • Archive/keep multiple copies of your data on different storage devices and include date or version number information as part of the file name.
  • PCs in Libraries are automatically shut down when these areas close. You will be warned electronically when the system is about to shut down.

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Core Software

Every student PC or Macintosh supported by Digital Services has a standard desktop and a core set of applications.

For Students

Student Workstations At Belfast

IT laboratories and core applications available at the Belfast campus.

For Students

Student Workstations At Coleraine

IT laboratories and core applications available at the Coleraine campus

For Students

Student Workstations At Jordanstown

IT laboratories and core applications available at the Jordanstown campus.

For Students

Student Workstations at Derry~Londonderry

IT laboratories and core applications available at the Derry~Londonderry campus.

For Students