Laptop Lending

The Library laptop lending service is now available at all campus libraries with 24 laptop available to borrow at each campus library.

Update: Service currently available at Belfast only and will be extended to all campus libraries at a later date.

Who can borrow a laptop?

All registered students in good standing with the Library.

When, where and for how long can I borrow a laptop?

  • 24 laptops are available from the Information Point on a first come, first served basis. It is not possible to reserve them.
  • They are issued to your student card.
  • Logon using your student ID and network password.
  • They can be borrowed for the whole day during Library opening hours but MUST be returned 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Please shutdown the laptop before returning – not simply log off.
  • Chargers are available from the Information Point.

What's available on the laptops?

They all run Windows 10 with:

  • Eduroam (Wifi Network)
  • MS Office
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • SPSS

How do I save work?

  • Do not save personal data permanently to the laptop. After you log out, no user files will be stored and will not be recoverable.
  • Include date or version number information as part of the file name.
  • Save your work to OneDrive in Office 365 or your own USB storage device!
  • Archive / keep multiple copies of your data on different storage devices.

Can I print?

You can print wirelessly by composing an email message and attaching the document you want to print before sending to:

  • for collection at Belfast
  • for collection at Coleraine
  • for collection at Jordanstown
  • for collection at Magee

Further information on the mobile printing service is available from the Information Services website.

What are my responsibilities?

You must adhere to the Laptop Loan Rules and University policies– below:

Laptop lending rules

  • Students must have a valid Student ID card, and be in good standing with the    Library, to borrow a laptop.
  • The Library cannot be held responsible for damage to files or data loss incurred whilst using the laptop.
  • Any work or material saved to the laptop will be lost when it is turned off or runs out of battery.
  • Only one laptop can be issued per transaction. Students must return the previous loan before another can be issued.
  • Students are responsible for the laptop during the loan period. They should not lend it to anyone else or leave it unattended, except in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • If there is an issue with a laptop students should notify a member of Information Point staff.
  • Laptops are available from the Information Point during library opening hours.
  • Students must shutdown the laptop before returning it to the Information Point.

Students must comply with the University's Acceptable Use Code of Practice

This service is supported by: Centre for Widening Access and Participation