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What are JOURNALS?

Sometimes called serials, magazines or periodicals, journals are anything published regularly such as Nature or Harvard Law Review that contain articles on current research. This information is not likely to be found in books and this is why journal articles are important in finding supporting evidence for assignments. Also, because journals are published at regular intervals, e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly, the information they contain is much more current at the time of publication. Books, on the other hand, can sometimes take up to two or three years to be published. The Library has both electronic and print journals.

Print Journals

We keep thousands of journals in original paper format on our shelves in each Library. To check our Print Journal collection, use the Journals option on the Library Catalogue to search for the journal by its title.

Electronic Journals

The Library also has a significant collection of full-text electronic journals (e-journals) which can be accessed via PC, or smart device, and most of them are available off-campus.  The Electronic journals service provides an A-Z list ot e-journal titles, with coverage details and be searched by Journa title, ISSN or Publisher. There is a very limited Article search but it is not a replacement for searching the Library's Electronic Databases.

There are also links to e-journal titles from within the Library Catalogue and directly full-text e-journals, where appropriate, within the Reading List Catalogue.

UU Find It

UFindit service icon

The UU Find It button appears in many of the Library's e-resources. Clicking this button against a particular search result will check for full-text availability in the E-Journals service.