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Important information for Student Leavers

Ulster University reserves the right to regularly review the policy related to the retention of Office 365 email by graduates.

In the event of any policy change, there will be a communication to all Office 365 account holders to advise of any such change.

You are also strongly advised to regularly monitor this page as policy changes and resultant impact related to your account access will also be outlined here.

IT access levels for Student Leavers

As a leaver your access to centrally managed university IT systems will be disabled on a schedule based on your leaver status.

Successful Leavers

Graduates may continue to access their Office365 email after graduation as an Alumni.

However, the University is required to withdraw access to the OneDrive cloud storage and all other centrally managed IT systems such as Portal, Blackboard and login rights to Student Workstations after you graduate.

This withdrawal of services, except Office 365 email, will occur after the Winter Graduation ceremonies in December of each Academic Year.

Unsuccessful Leavers

If you are an unsuccessful leaver, you will have five weeks from your date of student deregistration before access to both your Office 365 email and OneDrive is withdrawn.

Other University systems such as the Portal, Blackboard and login rights to Student Workstation will be withdrawn immediately, once your academic status is marked as deregistered by Student Administration.

Check your Leaver Status

Your University IT account is linked to your academic status within your Student Banner record. Once you are correctly marked as a leaver then your IT access to the withdrawn services cannot be restored. However, if you believe this leaver status is incorrect, please contact your relevant Campus Academic Registry Office who can discuss this with you.

Systems that will be withdrawn

  • Portal
  • Blackboard Learn
  • OneDrive (If you wish to retain files from your OneDrive cloud storage, you must take a copy of these before your access to OneDrive is withdrawn. Please note that Digital Services cannot assist you to retrieve the information stored on OneDrive once access is withdrawn.  It is also your own responsibility to ensure you have taken steps to backup any other information stored on University systems that you wish to retain before your access is disabled – as per your leaver status (outlined above)).
  • University student workstations access in Library and centrally supported IT Laboratories
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise for free Microsoft Office Applications (after your services are withdrawn, your licence for full functionality of the Office apps on your personal device(s) will be revoked. If you have already installed these applications using the University licence, you may continue to use the apps in read-only mode or alternatively you can convert to a personal licence you have paid for)

Office 365 email account access will be retained as defined by your leaver status, outlined above.

How to access Student Office 365 email after leaving

You may wish to retain access to your student Office 365 mailbox after you leave. Continued Office 365 email access is also essential to ensure you can retain access to your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

The direct link to access Office 365 email is

Login details

  • Student leavers from Academic Year 16/17 onwards will use their email address in the format and their network password (e.g. the same password used for access to Portal and Student Workstations).

How to find out your Office 365 email password

You can retrieve the initial email password that was assigned to your mailbox during Online Enrolment via the Banner Student record system.

Once you have found your email password from your Banner record, try to login via

If you continue to have issues, please see information below, on how to request a “Student Leaver Office 365 email password reset” via the IT Service Desk (,

Requesting a Student Leaver Office 365 email password reset

If you have already attempted login using the password initially set in your Student Banner record (as outlined above) and it has not been successful, you can request a “Student Leaver Office 365 email password reset” via an email request to the IT Service Desk (, stating your Student B Code and University Office 365 email address.

We may request additional personal information from you to assist in verifying your identity, using information stored in your Student Banner record. This identification process is designed for the protection of your mailbox, reducing the risk of identity fraudsters attempting to impersonate you to gain access to your emails.

Ideally, you should send this request using your alternative email address as listed in your Student Banner record, as this will also help to verify your identity.

Once identity checks are completed, we can issue a password reset email to your requested contact email address.