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Student Leaver IT Access

IT Checklist for anyone graduating or leaving the University

Upon completion of your studies, you will have a limited 6 month window to access your Student IT account. After this time your student IT account and its associated data will be deleted. The removal of your IT account is essential for your own privacy and security. The IT systems and services that will become unavailable to students not returning to a new programme of study includes:

  • Email (your email address) – NB please review and remove any forwarding rules
  • OneDrive (your personalised cloud-storage
  • MS Teams
  • Student Portal
  • Eduroam
  • Blackboard Learn (the virtual learning environment)
  • University student workstation access in Library and IT Laboratories
  • Printing Facilities
  • OneDrive
  • Student Software including Microsoft 365 Applications installed using the University license

Please Note: if you are continuing your studies at Ulster on a new course, you don’t need to do anything as the new registration process will automatically preserve your IT account and you won’t lose any data.

Things to do before you leave

Move your data to a personal non-University storage facility

If you wish to retain emails or files from your OneDrive cloud storage, you must download these before your access is withdrawn. You may also wish to purchase your own license to Microsoft Office Applications via the Microsoft web store.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists

If you have subscribed to any mailing lists, please remember to cancel them before you leave.

Update external website registrations to a personal email address

If you have registered your @ulster email address with any websites external to the University, please contact them in advance of leaving the University to update your registered email to a personal email address to ensure that you can continue to sign in after access to your University account ceases.

Note - Digital Services staff cannot assist you in moving your data, but we have provided some guidance below on Backing up your University Data.

Backing up your University Data

  • Email

    Any important emails should be forwarded to your personal email account:

    • Open your email in a browser via
    • Open an email and click 'Forward'
    • Input your personal email address and 'Send'

    Note: you cannot bulk send more than one email at a time

  • OneDrive
    • Visit OneDrive in your browser via
    • Tick all of the files and folders you wish to take a copy of and once selected, select Download:
    • This will then place all the folders/files you have selected into a ZIP folder and will downloaded to your downloads folder unless you have specified otherwise

    Note: you cannot download OneNote files, they must be transferred within OneNote to a new notebook on a different account

  • MS Teams
    • To download files from a Team within the Microsoft Teams app, open Microsoft Teams from
    • Select the 'Teams' section of the navigation pane
    • Once on the Teams page, select the team you wish to copy the files from
    • When Inside the Team, select the channel you wish to download files from, then select the 'file' tab of this channel,
    • Press 'download' to download the entire content of the channel's file tab to a ZIP folder

    Note: this download will be saved to your Downloads folder on your computer unless you specify otherwise

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Visit the Adobe Creative Cloud webpage and click 'Sign in'
    • Log on using your University email address
    • Click 'Files' at the top   then 'Synced files'
    • Select 1 of your files to download, click the 3 dots icon, then click 'Download'

    Note: you cannot select more than one file to download