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To login to the University Portal and centrally supported student workstations, you will need a username and password.

Login Details

Your Ulster University Office 365 email address

Note:  Once logged on some specific systems may require your Student ID to be entered e.g. B00123456

Your network password

Retrieving your initial Network Password

To retrieve your initial network password, you can use the Banner system.

Reset your Network Password

Self Service Password Reset

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) enables those with Student accounts to securely reset their University network password 24/7 without the need to contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk. SSPR registration is now mandatory so we would encourage you to register now for this enhancement to your account security.

Password Kiosks

Dedicated PCs, known as Password Kiosks, are located within the Library on each campus. Password Kiosks will allow you to:

  • obtain your initial network password
  • register for self-service password reset
  • use self-service password reset to change your network password if forgotten

You will need your Student ID and PIN (your initial PIN is your date of birth in the format DDMMYY) to use the Password Kiosk.

When changing your password, choose a password with a minimum of 12 characters: that includes 3 out of the four categories below.

  1. Upper Case
  2. Lower Case
  3. Digit
  4. Special Character

If you are unable to use the above methods, please contact the IT Service Desk quoting your Student ID and Ulster University email address and we can reset it to the initial password shown in your Banner record, for you to retrieve as outlined above.

Password Management using LastPass

Ulster University offers LastPass password management software to both our staff and students. Students may apply for a free Premium account and the Enterprise version is available for Staff and Associates.

More information is available on the LastPass webpage.

How to contact the Service Desk

You can also Live Chat with a Service Desk team member. When a team member is available you will see a button on the bottom right of this screen. If the button is not visible, you can still contact us via the methods above.

Service Desk Hours

Semester 1 and 2

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 1pm – 5pm

All other times except extended closure

Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm

Extended Closure - Easter and Christmas Holidays